The Chase – Nikon 200-500mm F5.6

As much as I am not a wildlife photographer, I do like to give it a go and photograph all sorts of animals doing their thing. While testing out the Nikon 200 -500mm f5.6 down at my local lake I spotted two birds chasing each other.

I had my camera set to burst mode and shot these series of shots. I was surprised with the clarity and the speed the lens performed at, but what made me laugh is one of the birds is running so hard, the bird is only just touching the surface of the water. I have put some notes after the images about the lens as well.


(IMAGES SHOT @F8 1/3200 SEC ISO800)

Nikon 200-500 f5.6 Thoughts.

I cant really give this lens a full review as I did not have another long lens to compare it to. However other lenses in this class didn’t perform as well or were as sharp when compared in store. It is a lightweight lens but I do recommend using a mono or tripod as it can get a little front heavy with the barrel extended out to 500mm. The focus is fast and the lens is sharp throughout the focal range. With an aperture of f5.6 the lens does ok in low light but with ISO becoming better at higher levels you can still get some usable images.And yes you can shoot the moon with it no problem.I will post a moon shot with the lens as soon as I get a clear night. It still is a little large to be carrying around in your daily bag but if you are into shooting wildlife,sports and even portraits, for a lens at this focal length for around $2000.00 is worth looking at. Compared to the Sigma and Tamron lenses of similar focal lengths i found the sigma focus far to slow and the Tamron just wasn’t sharp. In saying that I only had the other two lenses for about half hour each but that was enough for me to go to the Nikon. In a perfect world an f4 or even 2.8 would be better but unless someone would like to donate one to me I will have to stick with the lens I got.

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