Journalism. Vic Melbourne Vape Rally 2016. Parliament House.

A little personal story. For years I was a pack a day smoker. About two years ago I came to the conclusion that I needed to quit. With trouble breathing, walking and general work I found myself struggling to survive. Even the financial strain was bad enough. After trying the mainstream ways to quit (patches, gum and tablets) a friend introduced me to vaping. I was sceptical at first but as I dug deeper into the vaping scene, I realised that this could be the way out. Well September will tick over 12 months without a cigarette. And despite what some may say against vaping, I found the benefits much more rewarding. I can breath, I have saved over six thousand dollars and my clothes don’t stink anymore. I don’t plan on vaping forever but it was the way to quit cigarettes for me. The images below are from the vape rally that was held in Melbourne at Parliament House on the 16th August 2016.

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