The passion for photography began over 30 years ago with my father, who was also a professional photographer and the one who gave me my first SLR camera; the Olympus Om-1. Yes these were the days of film.

Attending shoots with my father and cousin, I learned the fundamentals of photography at a young age. As my passion grew, I would take my camera to school and shoot mainly my friends and also some of the sports days. It was a lot of fun. At the age of 16 I was given the opportunity to shoot my first wedding. It wasn’t a paid gig but the experience taught me a lot. The image below was taken at Williamstown botanical gardens, and received high praises from my peers. I also won an award for the image from my local printer at the time, and the photography group I was attending.




I initially dismissed the thought of being a professional photographer as the cost of equipment was high. However, I continued to enjoy photography as a pastime by shooting and assisting in weddings, portraits and birthday parties for my own enjoyment.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to work along side one of Australia’s best professional photographers, Andrea Da Rae.  Andrea helped me to fine tune my skills and technical knowledge of photography.   It was during this time (encouraged by Andrea and my family, and friends) that I began to realise that I could achieve my dream of becoming professional in the field of photography.

My photography motto (below) was conceived one day while my wife, a big supporter of my budding career, was browsing through photos from a shoot. Inspired, she worded a new motto that sincerely encapsulated the passion I have for my work:


“Capture a moment in a lifetime, and a lifetime in a moment”


I enjoy a challenge, and love working with clients to encourage their ideas and involvement. After all, it is as much my client’s photography as it is mine.


But enough about me. Lets go shootin’.